This is perhaps the most reeeediculous thing I have done in the past hour. Can you tell I do reeediculous things and crack myself up on a regular basis. But seriously, these quilts and their makers are so fantastic. Here are a FEW, AND I MEAN FEW special quilts. With comments.

Urns, applique’ stunning and lookie a ribbon too. Made by Linda Simmons. I think she had to rent a truck to carry her ribbons home.

Karen made this wonderful quilt. I love the way she treated the borders. BRAVO Karen and congrats…on the ribbon. Fellow bloggers go visit her blog. You will be happy you did.

Karen has a better photo of this quilt made by Maetha Elliot and Marianne Webb and quilted by Melinda (who has some great photos on her blog as well!) The quilt and quilting are spectacular.

This quilt is the BOMB!!!!

I even tell you how much I loved this quilt..Melinda AGAIN…SHE IS MY NEW BFF! I took this picture a the second the booth was empty so I could get the whole quilt in the shot. People I’m telling you….it made my eyes roll back in my head.

This is Jean’s quilt that I must have been having a brain aneurysm when I took the picture. It got an honorable mention too. I’m going to retreat tomorrow to sit and sew with her highness of sewing perfection…I remember when she had this quilt on the floor when our group was sewing at her house. And now she is has a ribbon. Don’t I just run with the BIG DOGS!!! teehee.

Melinda AGAIN. Selvages…..bright green.. YUM-OOOO

OK but seriously….I peed in my pants when I saw this quilt. I’ll be whippin one up this weekend.
The quilt was made by Jan Cunningham…see those ribbons. I wanted to light candles and make a shrine to this quilt. I love anything designed by Barb and Alma…Blackbird Designs.

And to think the ORIGINAL quilt by Barb and Alma rode in my very own (rented) vehicle home from Houston last fall. I brought it home for Mary Ellen/ Little Quilts. I could have stolen it then when I had a chance.

I know I posted this before…but I can’t help it. “Of Thee I Sing” by Pamela Joan Roberts.
I may never recover from this quilt!

Karen again. Perfection so sweet. So dear. I heart her and her work!

I posted this one before too. Quilting by Regina Carter. HOLEY MOLEY… First place..dang they should make her a crown!

ZOWEEE… Baby I’m amazed by you! I imagine that bottom right binding was fun, fun, fun…

There really are so many more..It was a wonderful show.

I’m packed and I’m going on retreat with my sewing buddies “The Crows”. I’ll be back on Wednesday night so don’t worry about me. I’ll be JUST FINE.

I’m planning a give a way upon my return…why??? well because this is my 156th post. So in honor of my 150th post (my mother is in heaven now saying “girlie you are a day late and a dollar short”) I’m going to have me a give a way!