To be happy at home is the ultimate result of all ambition.
-Samuel Johnson

The truth of the matter is that I am such, such, such a homebody. I love to be at home cooking, reading, sewing. Are you happiest at home or are you the kind of person that gets up and out during the day? I would love to know!

I need to take a few moments and words to talk about my 150th I LOVE MY BLOG posting. This was my third give a way. Thank you so much to all the people who posted, mentioned my blog on your blogs, or follow my blog with regularity. All the responses to the posting came in this past weekend when I had a houseful of my oldest daughter and her friends and sorority sisters working on programs for Karyn’s wedding.(photo below of the pow wow over the programs in my office). What fun I had watching them, cooking for them (they eat like birds!) and listening to their chatter, ipods a blazing planning songs for the wedding, all the while they were keeping a watchful eye on the progress of the Georgia game! Needless to say I simply could not keep up with the blog and responding to each and every comment on my blog give a way. Heck I couldn’t even get into the office. Please know that I am sooooo grateful for your readership. I am busy adding many new friends to my READER. The give a way is such a wonderful way to find new blogging friends. So I’m catching up by personally visiting all of you and your blogs. This is my thank you for participating in my give a way! MORE TO COME IN THE FUTURE.

When I went to fall market two years ago Kathy Schmitz (most talented designer and wonderful person! check out her blog) and I met and talked about the blogging thing. We both were reluctantly being urged to get “In the game of blogging.” We were hesitant to say the least and challenged each other to develop a blog. We both did, I believe Kathy got hers up and going before me, dang I need to speed up! Well anyway, we were emailing this week she is said she is really enjoying blogging, I feel the same way. Who KNEW!!! A good life lesson…never say never you may be missing out on something special! Oh by the way I refuse to TWITTER. There I said it, lets see how long it takes me to eat my words.

Going to sew today. This is me. Fred Flintstone pedaling my car with my feet as fast as I can!