-Pat, President and CFO Silver Thimble Quilt Co.

These beautiful children of mine were all in town for the Claire and Colin’s wedding. We had a ball at the wedding and between you and me I did a lot of remembering Emily and Russ’ wedding day and how much fun we had last November (this is me sneaking some more photos of their wedding onto the blog AGAIN!!! you will have to look at these pictures from now until bloggdom ends). and I’m not sorry!!

Emily took some great photos of Claire and Colin and the festivities which I will post when she sends them to me…Did you hear that Emily????? She is such a good little photographer!!!

On Sunday the girls and I went shopping… I must interject here what a swell experience this is to hit a GIANT mall full of sales with two MARATHON is how it went.

Picture me sitting on a stump inside the dressing rooms of the following stores.

and I’m sure I’m forgetting some others!

Here is the conversation as each girl pops in and out of dressing rooms. My head was spinning like a revolving door.

How does this look?
You look terrific!
Put that back I hate it.
It makes you look skinny.
Does this make my butt look big?
That blue looks good with your blue eyes.
Don’t buy that.
If you don’t buy that when we leave you are crazy.
Wear your hair up with that.
She is getting hungry and grumpy will soon follow.
That one has too much cleavage put it back.
You are so gorgeous.
They charged THAT for this little thing!
Wear your hair back with that.
This one is different.
It was Two hundred and Sixteen dollars and now it is on sale for 69.
Buy It.
I’m thirsty.
You need a good bra for this one.
Does this come in a smaller size.
Does this come in a larger size.
This looks just plain scary.
This is sooo vintage looking.
Don’t need to wear a bra with this one.
It is buy one get one half price.
You will have to have it altered.
You it makes you look like you have longer legs.

AND ON AND ON AND ON….Dad and Russ played golf and we all met at 6:30 at BIL and SIL house for a cookout and 35 Anniversary celebration.. I drank 72 beers and ate 20 pounds of snacks and sish kabob. And I’m not sorry either.

I love shopping with my girls.