When you love someone, all your saved-up wishes start coming out.

-Elizabeth Bowen

What a busy last few days, full of all kinds of ups and downs. The worst of it was on Wednesday we went to the funeral of a friend. Our church seats 800 and as far as I could tell there were not many empty seats. It was quite a tribute to Larry LaViola who has been a much loved and respected man in our community for 30 years.

On the flip side my friend and I are preparing for a Bridesmaids Luncheon tomorrow for a dear friends daughter. (ok I have to admit, I love, l0ve, love to entertain!) I will be giving her the quilt I showed you last week. There will be 17 for lunch, will post some pictures of the festivities tomorrow afternoon. I think having a luncheon for the bridesmaids is pretty much a southern tradition….well at least that is what my wedding etiquette book says. I don’t know do you???? At any rate it is usually a lovely beginning to the wedding weekend festivities. All the maids will be in attendance, grandmothers and new mothers in law. I’m really looking forward to the day.

So as stated above not too much sewing is getting done this week…DADGUM IT. I wanted to show you two projects in the works. This is the quilt I did not finish while we were in the mountains last week I really needed my design wall. I’m sooo design wall dependent. I love my design wall, when you come to visit me I’ll show it to you…right after I show you all the pictures of my ancestors and husband and children… I love it more than my self cleaning oven!

What is up with this photo. My apologies. I’ll never do it again. I promise to take a better one. I would appreciate it if someone would splain to me about these photos, they look perfectly fine in the camera and in photoshop…What the heck is going on??? Please save me the trouble of having to read my manual OR write a letter to the blogger people who will only write me back and tell me I’m not pushing the right buttons… I will love you forever if you will come to my assistance. I’ll even let you use my design wall.

This is the project I worked on while in the mountains using the Rapid Fire ruler. The ruler assists you in making Hunters Star blocks…SANS....Y seams.. Now this is kewol people. Big fun. The runner on the left is a project (kit) my Thimbles Club will have available for them in October. The one on the right is just a different way to set the blocks..same technique. and YES I will be adding borders. Remember I told you I’m in wedding entertaining mode (dang I had to clean the joint!!!)