I finished a big project yesterday and did the happy dance. On to the next mountain but today I have to cross a few hills. I am working on some demo boards for classes and lectures. I love to do this but it never fails to take more time than I think. I’m going to hit the ground running and get these small projects off the TO DO list. I’ll send photos of my day…

BIG NEWS ..Quiltmaker magazine is hosting a designer blog tour next week November 9-13. I will post all the information on my blog on SUNDAY. There will be many designers participating with give aways and projects along the way. Each day different blogs will be highlighted on the tour. Because I’m so excited to be a part of this I will have a give a way to celebrate. Again I will post all the information about the tour on SUNDAY.….Tour begins Monday….How fun is this???

Cooking in the kitchen….made the best meatloaf and tomato gravy, mashed potatos and green beans…holey moley is that comfort food or what? I gifted my self the new cook book by Ree Drummond aka Pioneer Woman and I have tried 5 recipes from the book.. wooo hoooo is Mr. Quilt Boy in love with me!

Take a look at those babies with bacon on top and basted with tomato gravy..Somebody stop me now. Bacon...call the cardiologist. And then just to prooooove I’m a southern girl some of that bacon jumped in the pot with the green beans. I’m in serious trouble now. I guess you can’t take the bacon out of a southern girls vocabulary. I’m forgiving myself for this transgression this one time okay? love Scarlett