I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for the friends who have given me a heart full of joy. -Charles R. Swindoll
I have been an absent blogger, and I have missed posting and reading all the blogs. The truth is that I have a large project that has been consuming my time, my mind (so little of it even works these days) and my energy. AND I LOVE IT. The committee that lives in my brain has been in full session, calling meetings in the middle of the night all of which are quilt related. The design process is so much fun but, dang I gotta get a grip!

Yesterday I went sewing with my small group. We had a fantastic day at Ann’s house.Terrific lunch and tons of good girl friend fun. I want you to meet Julie (mother of the bride from earlier posts). Julie is a wonderful friend, great lady, funny, and she makes a pumpkin cake that will make you want to “slap yo mama” as we say in the south. Julie has been quilting since 2002 and is a devote of Bonnie Hunter,… you know frugal. She uses every single scrap of fabric and makes outstanding quilts! Yesterday she admitted to the group that she had NEVER changed her rotary cutter blade. After they picked me up off the floor and the paramedics left with the oxygen tanks they emptied after reviving me….I snapped this photo of Julie. I am giving her a 5 pack of blades…that should last her a life time Gotta get a grip on this girl.

This little guy came to visit in the afternoon. Let me tell you we were women reduced to l playing paddy cake, cooing, making all kinds of noises, songs…and then the best we decided to play dress the baby. Fat quarters on his head and around his neck. I took 3,785 pictures of Mr. Austin. Did I take any pictures of the quilting were doing? NOPE? Was I anxious to show you the stitchery I’m working on NOPE! It was all about the baby…I gotta get a grip.

Off to the sewing room for another marathon. I’m taking this with me. Photos of quilting tomorrow..I promise.

As I said I gotta get a grip.