Life is a verb, not a noun.
Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Another busy weekend with Silver Thimble Quilters. All three classes hit the door, ready to go. We had a lovely lunch provided for the Friday day time class. Marilyn had a big birthday and her sisters and daughter brought a fabulous lunch to the whole class! She thought she was getting birthday cake and in they walked with a feast! Now that was special! We had so much fun. Everyone managed to get a lot of sewing in and we had some great show and tells.

This is Karin’s Orange Crush quilt. I swear I almost passed out!

The Saturday class was full of surprises. We had visitors from the West side of Atlanta who brightened our day. We enjoyed them so much and look forward to a return visit. We had a precious visitor Babette, who is Sheila’s dog. She is under the weather and needed to be near her mom. She sat and slept in her doggie stroller the whole time. (Who knew they make doggie strolers with CUP holders and everything!)

Sarah cut her finger with a rotary cutter. dang that was icky. I think the bad part of it for her was that it slowed her down from her sewing! I cut my finger on Thursday so now Sarah and I are blood sisters (literally). I will be going to Sams to get a huge first aid kit TODAY. I host so many large groups of quilters I really should have one with my traveling road show of supplies!

Many of the Thimbles worked with the Rapid Fire Ruler and made Hunters Star blocks for a table runner. Man is this ruler amazing and sooooo much fun to use. The blocks turn out wonderfully precise and NO Y SEAMS..WOOOOO HOOOOO.

My friend Nancy brought me some Red Licorice from Australia. This stuff is so good. I’m talking eat the whole bag good. Better than wonderful…Thank you Nancy and my rear end would like to thank you too. We will be going for a walk in about 10 minutes! It is the least I can do since there is more licorice in my sewing room.

My precious Mary Beth was home this weekend. She picked up a dress to wear to a formal with her boyfriend next weekend. I had to adjust spaghetti straps for her. I did a passible job considering I would rather have a root canal without anesthesia than do anything that resembles garment construction or tailoring. I hope those straps don’t BLOW when she is dancing next weekend! That would just be wrong on so many levels. Maybe I should have given her some safety pins.

Here is SOME of the absolute loveliness we enjoyed this weekend. Will post some more tomorrow.

This little beauty was made by my SIL I think I showed it in a previous post. Well, it is quilted and ready for her to give it to me!!!! teehee. me thinks not…

And here is Chris. She made my both from my patterns Wrapped in Comfort and White Chocolate for her king sized bed….Oh I’m so honored. She is a wonderful quilter and a blessing in my life!. Sleep well Chris! They are beautiful.

MORE LATER MY FRIENDS. I’ve got a list a mile long for today. (so what is new)