Love one another and you will be happy, It’s as simple and as difficult as that.
-Michael Leuing

Yes I did it…I really,really did it. I completely “checked out” “mind blanked the world, left the planet “Quilter” and MENTALLY CHECKED OUT. Did I get dressed..NOPE, it was PJ’s all day and then PJ’s all evening. Did I cook a meal…nope left overs with and giant bowl of popcorn. Did I sew a stitch? Nope not one. What? I sew everyday but not yesterday. Did I watch TV. Nope..not one single show. Did I plant the dang pansies that are sitting in their little pots screaming to get some more room to grow? NOPE. Did I read emails NOPE. What in the heck did I accomplish yesterday? See books below! I literally “CHECKED OUT”. And I’m not sorry either!

What can I say? A day with a Pat Conroy book is a good day…and then there is “The Help” I did not finish it but I’m LOVIN IT!! Maybe I’ll check out later tonight like about 5:30!

I read every day but I rarely read ALL DAY. Reading, one of the GREATEST PLEASURES ON THE PLANET. Check out sometime it does a body and mind GOOD ,GOOD, GOOD.