The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.
E.E. Cummings

I have had several emails and requests for an explanation of the Rapid Fire Ruler. This is a specialty ruler that has all the components and steps for making a Hunters Star block with NO Y seams…did you hear that...NO Y SEAMS. It is made by Deb Tucker/ Studio 180 designs. This girl is a genius. I want to know what kind of committee lives in her head that thinks up this stuff. I’m so dang impressed (can’t you tell how impressed i am). I digress.

Ok so a reeeeeely neat -o feature of the block is that she has upsized all the measurements so at the end of the day…you square the block up to perfection. I love it. The points are sharp and the stars come out perfect every time!!! You can’t screw this thing up people! I promise.

We are going to make a quilt with the ruler in January. This month we made a table runner….dang it was super fun. I’m easily entertained I admit it.

Think of me as your little fun tester. Always out there looking for fun toys for quilters!!!!!

Here is the table runner (I think I have posted this before)

Here is Miz Jackie’s version of the table runner. You can see how we played with the arrangement of the blocks…. I heart this.. I heart Jackie too!

And here is part of what will be Sarah’s quilt. We were anxious to play with the arrangement of the blocks. There are many variations. See how the four blocks come to gether in the middle. These are not sewn yet but if they were…the center points would be happlily married forever. Just like me and Quilt Boy.

You can get the ruler from these two stores in the Atlanta area just give them a call (don’t know if they have notions loaded onto their web sites) and they will ship a roo the thing right to ya. I told them you might me calling!

Little Quilts 770-578-6727
Sweet Home Quilt Co. 678-413-1611