SAVE THE PLANET EARTH….its the only one with Chocolate!
-Author Unknown

I went upstairs to sew with full intentions of working on some UFO’s that have reeeely been buggin me. When I do a guild talk I bring around 50 quilts with me! Wonderful eye candy!! There are a couple of projects in my lecture that are not quilted and it bugs me like crazy. The quilts are wonderful and are very well received every time I show them…but they are not quilted yet. They get WONKED AROUND, a technical term for man handled, and they are not quilted yet!!!! I’m sure they are pushed and stretched out of shape because THEY ARE NOT QUILTED YET. So I set myself on the task of finishing borders, backing and binding for these three quilts. They are off to be quilted next week. I’m taking up a collection outside my local grocery store to pay for this. I’ll dress myself up and act like a pitiful quilter maybe I can collect some $$$$ what do you think?

These three quilts are all trades I participated in with my sewing group the “CROWS.” Each quilt is wonderful and scrappy, just the way I like it uh huh uh huh. I slapped (not really slapped there was measuring involved) on the borders and made backings and bindings all day. I was throwing fabric around my sewing room like a mad woman but now the project is done and these kids are off to the spa to get a quilting magic makeover. Then I will be binding my brains out for several good nights of TV watching with Mr. Quilt Boy. I’m so happy to get these quilts off my “guilt list”. I’m so sorry they have been mistreated.

Aren’t they wonderful???

I think I will give the socks quilt to Mr. Quilt Boy as he has certainly sacrificed a sock or two to the “eaten by the dryer” story.

These stars have a name…which I cannot repeat for you. It is NOT NICE. There was a lot of whining and complaining from the group when we did this trade. The stars are paper pieced. Need I say more??? “Quilting in heaven paper piecing in HELL”. Actually this is the quilt that made (forced) me to come to peace with paper piecing. I like to paper piece now, but I sure hated it back then….oh my such language came from the group! I’m blushing.