To be happy at home is the ultimate result of all ambition.
-Samuel Johnson

The day flew away yesterday with quiet, delightful sewing. A friend of mine stopped over needing some help with a quilt project. She came upstairs to my studio and said..“this is the happiest place!” Well thank you Mary Carol I could not have said it better. I think I’ll go upstairs and continue the happiness!

Please pray for our blogging friend Barb in American Samoa as they have experienced a terrible earthquake! She is ok but others are NOT.

My friend Mary Ellen Von Holt is having a give a way…check it out. She owns Little Quilts and is a designer for Henry Glass Fabrics. Her shirtings are the best. Go win some!!
Holey Moley I wanted to blog about Gene’s give away and I just read that I was supposed to blog by Sept 29..Oh well, I’m so sorry Gene but all you bloggin friends still have time to enter. Check out Gene’s new baby too. I’m so jealous. That baby needs a name!

Now for some fun news for Silver Thimble Quilt Co. Quiltmaker magazine (picture is of a past cover) has a special edition coming out around mid November…some news stands will have it sooner. The special edition is called “Quiltmakers 100 Blocks from Americas Top Designers”….guess who has a block in this issue???? Isn’t that a kick?? I think my head just popped off.! I will be bloggin more about this because the magazine is having a blog hop or some celebration around this issue. I will be finding out more details in the next few weeks. More blogging fun ahead so stay tuned!!!

Ok now I’m going to get back to work on those “secret” projects up in “happy land studios,” where dreams REEEEEEALLY do come true…I swear I love my life!