I spent the better part of the day on Saturday teaching The Hunters Star Quilt with that wonderful Rapid Fire Ruler I have been yapping about. We had so much fun. The ladies in class got a lot done and everyone was able to see what their finished quilt will look like. Each one had lovely fabric choices, all different from brights, batiks to fun and traditional. I feel like I have 8 new friends and can’t wait to see my friends again out there in Quilt land.

Melisa was doin it up big for Halloween. Many out in blog land know that she is known around here as “The Evil Temptress” cuz she manages to buy a lot of fabric that keeps many quilters both happy and in deep deep trouble. Hmmmm I kept telling her I was going to get my scissors and cut off her hair because just looking at her made me HOT. Dang girl its October in Georgia and we are barely beginning to cool off around here! She told me to quit reminding her how hot she was! Evil Temptress..me thinks she looks normal. teehee (just kiddin I’m gonna get a war started on dah blog!) (again!)

I think half the population of the “Thimbles” club was in Sweet Home on Saturday. They tend to frequent the sales its a scientifically proven fact. It was a party in the shop no doubt. Melisa had trick or treat goodies and everyone was in the mood for fabric fun. Quilt shops are home away from home…a wonderful place to go when you need a fabric “fix” and a wonderful place to go if you need to be cheered up…lots of times your local quilt shop is a crisis intervention center! Come on you know what I’m talkin about right?

I’m off to get this week kicked off with a to do list that would choke a horse. I’m taking it one item at a time and trying not to look at the big picture of how much I must do. Ok I’ll shut up cuz this sounds a little bit whinny.