-Clarence E. Hodges

It is GRATITUDE week aka Thanksgiving week. I soooo love Thanksgiving! I think it is my favorite holiday. Family, friends, cooking, counting each and every blessing in our lives and just being together it is the BESTEST day. Don’t you agree?

So with that being said, I will focus each blog this week on blessings in my life. In no particular order and because it is the Monday after “Silver Thimble Club” meeting I have some great eye candy to show you. With comments…of course.

Here is Laura with her little tiny stars. She worked like a maniac and finished it during class. Why is it that tiny squares are the most time consuming of all? She emailed me and told me the good thing is that they don’t take long if you have to rip them out! hahaha

Judy made this stunning table runner from E.Burns book Day and Night! or maybe the book is named Night and Day.

And then she went and made another one in class…I think she has that pattern now pat. Get it PAT.

Aqua and Brown made by my very own SIL. She is some kind of speedy quilter and she works about a BAZILLION hours every week! She said she made it in one afternoon. dang!

Karin made this Jelly Roll Diamond quilt from a Thimbles kit we did a few months ago. She substituted the Cream sashing with red…I love it.. I love it a lot…There was whining involved in the putting the thing together..partial seams…even with the whining I think it was worth it.

Gretch brought this TREASURE.. a antique quilt top that is simply wonderful. She asked opinions on how it should be finished. The consensus was to hand quilt it. She took the news gracefully. She had two other quilt I dare not post….you know secret.

HEAVENLY BURST OF COLOR. This Bloomin Nine Patch was sensational. Julie made this baby.

Here is Julie’s Strawberry Pie quilt. My pattern…awe shucks, I’m so proud! The reality is that I have seen this quilt pattern made in a zillion different fabbie and color ways and every time it is different and wonderful.

Mercedine made this purple and bright yellow quilt. She was so happy to finish it..I love her! She has a personality as bright and happy as her quilt. Just look at that smile.

Here is Claudia with her first Tee Shirt quilt. She is new to our club…me thinks she will fit in just fine!

Oh and check out the Kaleidoscope quilt in soft blue and yellow..Yup she is a KEEPER!

Karmen brought her killer tote with special fabrics honoring her grandparents farm. You can’t see it but she had french knots on fabric for the rows of veggies and crops and all kinds of other fun details. The inside of the tote was pockets from blue jeans and the handles of the tote were her sons karate belt, the circles were moda coasters…this tote was sooooo special…but no as special as the lady what done it! She is real purrrrty too.

Time out for an interuption of some typical shenanigans. I think this is an excellent use of scraps. That Barb! Wouldn’t you crack up if she was your dental hygenist?

And here is Tricia my SIL again with a pineapple Christmas quilt. This was another kit we put together a couple of years ago. I can’t wait to get mine out when we deck the halls…FRIDAY!

Tricia again, did I tell you she works a TRILLION HOURS every day?

Here is Ginny with her table runner from last months project! Nicely done! in record time too!

Linda made this kicked up Christmas panel. LOVE THOSE BORDERS!

A Snowball killer quilt from Vicki. She fussy cut the borders too! So warm and cozy.

BJ and her spectacular quilt, almost done. Needled turned…and see those chubby angels on each side of the eagle? They are proof positive that I will be a chubby angel just like those when I get to heaven! They make me so happy!

Remember Beth from last month…the one with the TAH TAHS. She wore her VAH VAH VOOM TAH TAH’S this month and then whipped out these two quilts. I’m telling you…I’m speechless.

I should have had on DEPENDS for this quilt. In fact I may never recover from this quilt. I may perish from the earth if I don’t see this quilt again. I may have to stop and get off the quilt bus and go make this quilt. The photo does not do it justice..I”m telling you..I’m just telling you..oh my!

For some more show and tell from “Thimbles” meeting to to Brenda’s blog! I love her!

OK I’ve been uploading photos for hours..I’m exhausted, and I think I used the word LOVE , way to many times. Can that be possible? NOPE, NOPE HECK NO. and I’m not sorry either!