This morning the minute I opened my peepers my first thought was GRATITUDE…I get to announce the winners on my blog tour posting and then I get to go teach a class at Sweet Home Quilt Co. I’m so excited to begin this fabulous day! But first DRUMROLL PAHLEZZEEE! The winner of a copy of the magazine izzzzzz….

There were a couple of Nancy’s so if you are a Nancy please count until you reach your number because Nancy #57 is the winner! Nancy if you would email me your postal address I will get that address to the Quiltmaker folks and they will send you a copy of this very wonderful magazine! I especially like page 20! (shameless promo I know)

And the winner of my table runner … more drumrollin please….izzzzzz

Judy Wentz…..NUMBER 22 Judy if you will also contact me privately I will finish the runner and send it off to you next week.

Congratulations to both winners. And to all who commented , well there are no words to describe how grateful I am for your readership in my blog. I hope we will get to know each other through cyberspace and meet in person FOR SURE…