Happiness is not a possession to be prized. It is a quality of thought, a state of mind.
-Daphne Du Maurier (the author of perhaps my all time fav book “Rebecca”)

Tuesday of Gratitude week..aka Thanksgiving! Let the cooking begin. I’m off with Debbie to Sweet Home Quilt Co. to deliver some new undies for Melisa’s “Panty Raid” for the battered womens shelter. Then it is lunch with the birthday girl (Deb), and home for a trip to the grocery store with my DD and then afternoon cooking! Hopefully I can settle down this evening for some hand sewing. I have three quilts to bind!

I want to show you the loves of my life.The love and gratitude I feel for these four people God has blessed me with cannot not be put into simple words. They are my world, my universe, my support and every good thing I can imagine. There is NO Thanksgiving without thanking God for them.

Mr Quilt Boy! I am so lucky! 37 YEARS OF WONDERFULNESS!

Precious daughter..my youngest. She is such a wonderful person and so unique! She cracks me up and has a heart of gold. She is going to be an OUTSTANDING NURSE!

My oldest daughter and my new SON! What a beautiful couple and what a wedding we had one year ago…They are so happy and such a fabulous couple. ps. aren’t I gonna have some cute grandbabbies one day? teehee