Let the beauty of what you love be what you do
-Jal ad Din Rumi

And so the quote is so perfect for this post. Design, quilt, teach that is what I have chosen to do since I left public school teaching Kindergarten and First graders….but me thinks quilting chose me even before I knew it. Today is the day Quiltmaker
magazine has assigned as my day for the blog tour. Use this link to find out the other designers that are featured today.

If you are new to my blog a big ol’ Southern Hey Ya’ll
(that means Hi and Welcome in the deep south!). If you are a regular reader I love you more than my self cleaning oven…AND THAT IS A LOT…welcome home.

Here is my block which is on page 20 and is block number 18! To allow my block to be in this particular issue of Quiltmaker is an honor I cannot begin to describe (you don’t suppose there is another Pat/Silver Thimble Quilt Co. do you?)

I have taken the motif from this design and made a little table runner as an extra project idea for the motif.. Here is how it was made. Keep reading cuz there are some surprises coming.. I’ll try to keep it short and sweet but that is not my strong suit!

First cut 8: 6 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ background squares. and sew them together like so.

I like to pop those intersecting seams don’t you??? Splay the fabric ya know. Why? Makes the fabric behave and lay reeely flat and it makes the cutest little four patch on the back. (I’m easily entertained).

Next lets add sum borders. How about 3 1/2″ wide. Is that okay with you? You can add bigger or smaller to yours OF COURSE!

Now we are going to make the applique’ motif’s. Make some bias stems by using a bias tape maker..this one is 3/8″. If you don’t have any of these little babies..get in the car and go get them they come in lots of sizes. You won’t regret it. Or ask Santa to park some in your stocking this year. What’s up with this photo looks like I have a fungus on my ironing board. sorry.

I used different 9 different reds, two greens and four golds as the fabrics for the motifs.

Now we are going to put the fusible on the back of the motifs. I like Heat n’ Bond Lite. I like to Window Pane or as Pat Sloan calls it…Donut method, my applique’s . You trace the motifs onto the paper side of the fusible, cut a scant amount around the outside edges of the fusible and cut the middle out, then fuse it to the back side of the fabric…

Then you cut the motifs out on the drawn line, leaving a tiny bit of fusible along the backside edges. Now you are ready to set up and fuse the motifs to the base/background table runner.

Lets just have fun with the design and throw those Southern Blooms in the air and let them land on the background…Lets not over plan the placement of each little piece ok?

OK I didn’t mean that crazy.

How about this?
Alas, our little runner must be “deflowered” (ouch) so that we can button hole/blanket stitch the stems..so remove the flower heads..and stitch all the stems down. I used a variegated green thread.

Add those flower heads back..fuse and applique’.I used a barn red variegated for the flower heads and a gold variegated for the middles.DONE…

The whole process took me 4 hours start to finish.

Now for the finale. I will offer two prizes in honor of this posting. If you comment on this post by 12 am (thad be midnight PST…and I personally will be nite nite) I will put your name in the random number generator thingy and the first winner will win a copy of the magazine! WOOO HOOOO. The second winner will win this very runner..The one I made. It is not quilted yet but it will be quilted just for you…holey moley it could be YOU

I will post the winners on Saturday morning at 9 a.m (thad be EST) READY SET GO…good luck sweet people somebody in Atlanta LUVS YA!!!!

PS. I’m trying to decide if I would like to add ric rack as a finishing for the edges or regular bias binding…hmm what do you think?