Quilting = JOY RISING
Pat Wys Silver Thimble Quilt Co.

Tuesday sewing! My small group met at my house and we sewed and laughed our heads off until 6 o’clock! We were mostly working on hand work. At one point in time I think I drug out about a zillion quilt magazines and we had a blast talking about quilts we liked. Debbie is hiding in the picture below looking a magazine. I loved the quilt she is looking at (she’s probably home now making it!)

I made pesto pizza with sliced Mozzarella, tomatoes and fresh basil. It was yum yum yummy. We had salad and I made an open apple pie. Don’t cha wish you were here to eat it with us.

Guess what Mr. Quilt Boy is having for dinner!

Just when you think you have had the best day….IT JUST GETS BETTER. Cathy arrived with a package that she found on my front porch. I opened it…and it was the magazine that my block is in! Here it is. I’m very excited, page 20 my peeps. It is a “collector’s edition” “Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks From today’s top designers.” awwww geee, shucks…I believe it is on sale at news stands by Nov 17th. The magazine is chocked full of great block ideas! I’m doin the happy dance for sure.

I’m going to sleep with it under my pillow tonight. See I built a little shrine…gotta go get the candles. Later my friends!