Seek not outside yourself, heaven is within.
-Mary Lou Cook

Isn’t that just the loveliest quote for today? and sooooo sooooo true! I’ve been busy sewing two tree skirts from my Slice of Christmas pattern. So dang cute and a blast to make! I also got this photo of Mary Ann who took one of my classes at Little Quilts and made her tree skirts.(she has already quilted and finished them…way to go girl) She is giving one for a school auction in Cartersville and I think she is keeping the other one or perhaps giving it as a gifty. Don’t cha wish you were on her Cristmas list!!!! She is sitting on the floor by the cash register at Little Quilts. See that cute Xmas garland in the background. Nicely done Mary Ann!!!

Have you been participating in the Quiltmakers magazine blog tour? I have been checking in on the groups of designers featured each day. I’m preparing my surprizes for you to enjoy on my blog tour day (Friday). So check in!!! I’ll be there waiting for you.

I’m fighting a cold and it’s making me mad. I don’t do colds and coughs..But good thing I had a regular check up today and the doc laid some cough syrup meds and antibiotic on me so …. night night...I’m not takin that codine stuff until I’m done sewing today. Ok I know I need to be a more compliant patient but dang I got sewing to be done RIGHT???

Oh and one more thing, I’m poppin a giant bowl of popcorn and watching the CMA awards tonight!!! I can’t wait!!! If I feel better I may be dancing along with the music!!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH IT IS CRAZY. Mr. Quilt Boy will be reading the Wall Street Journal while I’m singing and dancing. Pretty normal stuff for us.