Be glad of life, because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at the stars. -Henry Van Dyke

So how is the holiday season going for you?? I must say I have been busy and productive and missing having the time to read blogs..and post. I have noticed that my blog thoughts are ever present in my daily thoughts. Do you find yourself thinking “I need to blog about that” or “this is so dang funny I can’t wait to tell my blogging friends”... And then the reality of the holidays and not enough time to get everything done sets in! Finding time to post and READ blogs seems to slip away. Well today is my day….catching up on blog reading and posting. While cleaning and cooking….while Christmas music is blasting all through the house. A day at home…my favorite day!!!

I did a guest designer thingy at A Scarlet Thread. They are opening a Silver Thimble Quilt Club in January. HOLEY FUN IN THE SHOP DAY!!! Karen Taylor ,who owns the shop, rolled out the red carpet with goodies and quilts to show. She is kitting up three of my patterns for Jan, Feb and March, Strawberry Pie, White Chocolate and Tic Tacs. The quilts are fabulous her fabric selections are MAGNIFICENT the quilting they put on those quilts was to die for. Can you tell I was impressed????? It was a fun morning for me I got to meet a bunch of new BFF’s and spend time in wonderful quilt shop. Now what in the heck is better than that? Oh did I mention the danishes, we were forced to eat them…….OH MY! WE APOLOGIZZZZZZ

Tomorrow is my Thimble Club am and pm and Saturday too. We are having a cooking swap after the Saturday class. Then on Sunday I am hosting the “Crow” christmas brunch…A full weekend of fun and parties…My sewing group will be here with their gifties for their “special person”. This is always fun the creative things everyone comes up with are show stoppers. I can’t wait. I will take pictures I promise!!!

Well I’m off to cook, clean, set tables and in general enjoy my day at home..Best of all this day began with checking in with you my dear blogging friends!!! HO HO HO baby! I promise to blog more. I promise, I promise…I promise.

PS. Links to A Scarlet Thread shop and blog are above..If I didn’t screw it up..which is always a possibility.