Call it clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.
-Jane Howard

Christmas is still rolling along wonderfully! The kids are all here through the weekend, and part of next week. I LOVE IT! We have eaten and laughed and enjoyed every minute of the season, I truly don’t want it to end.

I’m writing my blog to you from my fun new monitor the kids gave me. I wanted a larger one and now I have one that iz kick butt huge. It lights up the whole room and I think I could probably read it from downtown Baghdad !!!! We are also going to link my other monitor to this one so I can use both at the same time…truly an effort to make my office look like the control room of CNN. fun huh?

I think my family is worried about my eye sight and memory as I got a GPS…soooo I was lost and now I’m found……teehee. Let me know your address and I’ll be right over.

Here are some fun photos over our Christmas fun.

Every year we enjoy timing my Bother In Law to see how long it takes him to fall asleep after we have all stuffed our faces…This year we wanted to get some family photos and decided not to wake him up. I love this picture!

Tricia made quilts for the girls…She has been busy. I did not make quilts for the girls. I’m sorry I have sinned.

Well, I did make these Christmas raggy quilts (remember how I destroyed Melisa’s car?) so I guess this counts doesn’t it? Here is my Son In Law…he loves quilts…and I love him!

Ok so Ed woke up and asked when we were going to take the family photo…we confessed…He told us we were being mean to him, so we made amends!

These photos were taken with DD kick butt camera. HMMMMM. New Years resolution do better photos. This could cost some $$$$$$$$$

Tomorrows post…Quilt Boy gets a raise and a NEW TITLE FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!