Gratitude is a two fold love-love coming to visit us, and love running out to greet a welcome guest.
-Henry Van Dyke

Silver Thimble Quilt Club description: A group, pack, herd of quilt obsessed people who gather officially on a monthly basis to meet, sew, talk, laugh, eat and experience the joy of just being together. Projects and quilt instruction are provided and are optional, learning and quilt instruction… never ending. Joy abounds. Laughter reigns. Camaraderie…excessive. Food, don’t even go there with me. Companionship unmeasurable (immeasurable?) (note to Santa…need thesaurus.) Road trips abound. Sideline friendships develop?..heck yeah. Kindness and love present in room at all times, it is a feeling, a way of life, a cult (a good one) you can’t help but be swept away when you are there. Exhausting? nope need more…(did I mention obsessed?). 80% quilting 20% fellowship…NO 50%/50% NO..70-30..NO…20/80…NO…60/40….NO…40/60 NO. i DUNNO. Who is the leader of the group? The luckiest person on the planet A QUILTER…and she is NEVER GOING TO QUIT!

An here is a tiny sample of the quilts/projects shown this month. Dear Lord help me remember and give proper credit to each of the makers…..

In the beginning there was this.

Five hours later…there was this. Karin made this Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. Oh MY LOTS OF PIECING. Dear Santa “I want this quilt”…

Sara made this hunters star quilt. I showed it last month…now it is finished. The photo does not do it justice. The quilt absolutely sparkles. Just like the lady what made dah quilt!!!!!!!!

Suzanne whipped this baby up. The borders are very wonderful!!! It is a good good goodie!

Cindi made these binding clips. I have a box with 4 zillion naked clips. Do you think she would put covered buttons on all of them for me?….I didn’t think so…

Julie said I have seen this quilt before…I have no memory of this…It is reely wonderful. I have no memory of what I did last there!

Sandra made this quilt. It is red. and she is giving it away..but not to me….sad

Cindi made this one after she made the binding clips. Love the borders…Love the maker of the quilt even more…

Look at this snippet trash thingy…That cat has such personality!!!! SO CUTE. You can’t see it but the tail is a fluffy feather…geeezzzzeeee Sheila made it.!

Sandra made this too! busy busy

Sheila (the owner of the cat above) is making this fabulous quilt. The Poinsettias are needle turned…OH MY!!! spectacular.

OK..I apologize…I can’t remember who made this quilt. She is hiding behind it. I’ll have a meeting with the committee that lives in my head in the middle of the night and remember…so I’ll get back to you on this one.

Susan made from a kit we did last it.

Susan again..paper pieced no less! HOLEY DETAILS!

Susan AGAIN..She scorched his tummy and fixed it by scorching it some more to make it look natural.Don’t tell anyone it’s a secret. A perfect example of using the brain GOD gave her..She gets extra points for that!

Who let this reindeer on the sleigh? Oh Lord we apologize! Hilarious. Teresa!

Kim…from the book Forty Fabulous Quick Cut Quilts. If you are going to live on a deserted island TAKE THIS BOOK…You can make fabulous quilts forever with that book!

Kim again..busy busy. And she is giving both quilts away to COLLEGE BOYS. Those quilts will never be the same.

Ginny..another quilt kit we did a couple of years ago…and now it is no longer a UFO.

Can’t remember the maker of this one either. Perhaps I should write all this down. FORGET IT I’m doing good to take all these pictures and get them on this blog right????

Ginny again. I showed this one last month but now its all quilted and everything….sooo purrty.

And so dear bloggers I hope you enjoyed the show. I wish I could express in words how much I love these quilters. They are the most special group on the planet. If you are ever in Georgia on the third weekend of the have an open invitation to visit us. You better wear your depends and don’t even think about a diet! Don’t worry about bringing sewing projects…we will fix you up GOOOOD.