It isn’t the big pleasures that count the most; it’s making a great deal out of the little one.
-Jean Webster

I’m sewing today finishing some little gifties I have put off way to long! Can’t post the photos well you know TIS THE SEASON TO BE SNEAKY.

I have been enjoy events with friends and wrapping and cooking blasting Christmas music all over the house. I snapped a few photos of some of our holiday decor I hope you enjoy. Hey post yours too for me to enjoy! I love to see how everyone else decorates for the holidays. Don’t you???

I went to see my friend Jean the other day. She had shoulder REPLACEMENT. She is amazing and doing very well. Her therapy begins soon which will be difficult but if I know Jean she will handle it and move on in a jiffy. She is managing the holidays with one arm quite well.

My book club met and we discussed “The Help” by Katheryn Sockett. Great book. Our next read will be “Have a Little Faith” by Mitch Albom. I’m looking forward to reading this one over the Christmas holidays. I love love love the week after Christmas, it is quiet, peaceful and restful. A great time for reading, sewing, watching movies, sitting by the fire and eating left overs don’t you agree????

Here we is the most wonderful book club on the planet. We have been together for many years raising our children together, living through all life has brought each of us, we have enjoyed so much fellowship and tons of good books. We were at Sue’s house and planned on going to hear Rick Bragg (he wrote “All Over But the Shoutin” which we read a long time ago) speak but dinner and wine kept us close at home and enjoying each others company….I tried to jump on that reindeer. It didn’t go well.

One of the Snow Village scenes we put up in our home..there are several more….

And another visit to “The Village.”

And there are two of these corner cupboards! Snow Village everywhere! It is so pretty at night. Oh by the way when we turn the lights on in the village…we leave them on continuously until we take it down in January. Wanna pay my power bill???

More Christmasey photos later my friends. Off to put a pot of chili on and then on to the sewing room. woop woooopiee! Christmas LOVE comin your way from me to you!