“You are who you choose to be” -Hogarth Hughes, from The Iron Giant

Thinking, thinking thinking. Which in my case can be dangerous…I do WAY TO MUCH thinking and it frequently leads me to do crazy things! This is my 190th blog, so you know what that means!!!! (she’s whompin up a give a way)

Also, tomorrow is…. well I’ll tell you that TOMORROW.

So tomorrow I will announce a fabulous give a way (or a least I’m gonna give it my best shot!). I’m somewhat concerned about this because the two winners of my magazine give a way NEVER CAME FORWARD TO CLAIM THEIR PRIZES. Can you believe it???? So I suppose I will throw those PRIZES in with this give a way. All will be revealed TOMORROW. Aren’t you sooo dang curious???? me too. hahaha

Almost 200 blogs…can you believe it. I’m doing the happy dance and when I’m finished I’m going out to eat with my former teacher co workers..I love them sooo much. I’ll take pictures so you can meet them. They are not quilters..which is a fact I have never understood! CIVILIANS! SHEESH…..