Your friends are ….your field which you sow with love and reap with thanksgiving.
-Kahlil Gibran
JOY JOY JOY JOY….It is Christmas week can you feel it? Well I sure can!!! I just ended a weekend of Silver Thimble Quilters, Cookie Swapin, and the annual “Crow Christmas Brunch” here at my house. OH THE OVERWHELMING JOY OF FRIENDS…I can hardly contain myself! There are photos to share, so many…I will have to stretch this into a couple of blog posts. I will work backwards and begin with Sunday brunch.

How do I explain this amazing group of women…”The Crows”?? Talent..enthusiasm, passion, thoughtful, helpful, kind, exhausting, maddening, over the top, hilarious, giving, ….. I give up they cannot be described in words. They are written in the stars and heaven…to be a crow is gift to be cherished and a responsibility to be taken seriously and carved deep in your soul. Are you a part of a group that challenges you and makes you better? If you are count your blessings. If you are not….START ONE, you won’t regret it.

Here are some photos of our brunch. The food was fabulous and I served RAZMOSSAS. OH MY! The pictures are in no particular order..and with comments (I hope that is ok.)

Our Christmas table set and ready (sans all the chairs) for the feast to begin.

Everyone settled in with goodies and holiday cheer! Almost time for the wonderful gift exchange.

Here is Sharon who figured out how in the heck we would organize ourselves and do the gift exchange.. she figured it out prior to everyone having three RAZMOSSAS! Good thing to I was not in a figuring out mind set…I was in a Razmossa mind set.

Oh and by the way see the Razmossa in the glass on the table? Next year I really must serve them in Champagne flutes instead of pint sized wine goblets….rimmed in sugar…oh we apologize!

I got this beautiful Blue Work pillow from Shannon…Isn’t it gorgeous? I slept with it last night. Mr. Quilt Boy asked if I was going to sleep with it every night…I told him no and he should not put his head on it…don’t even breathe on it….

Vicki got this wonderful floor cloth. Peggy painted it! She was so thrilled…well wouldn’t you be thrilled to get that???

Vicki made this darling wool pin cushion for Sandy with our guild logo on it. She also gave Sandy a photo book with pictures of Quilts that are painted on BARNS around America. I think Sandy must have a thing about quilts on Barns..i dunno..but then Vicki gave Sandy this……

Holey BARN signs…Maybe Santa is bringing a barn to Sandy on his sleigh! Maybe Sandy is going to put the sign on her house…WOW this was unbelievable…it was terrific….and heavy! Wait till Sandy gets home and tells Bob to hang it!

Sandy made this wonderful wool work picture…and it was framed and so fabulous. Aren’t you wishin you were a CROW NOW????

BERRIES AND BERRIES AND BERRIES…appliqued! I peed in my pants! Jean made this baby for Peggy. BEFORE SHE HAD SHOULDER REPLACEMENT SURGERY…87 ZILLION BERRIES. I may never recover from the beauty of this quilt!

Shannon got this fabulous wool table runner from Leisa…which I will be stealing from her home in the very near future. This workmanship and thought these ladies put into every stitch is a thing to behold! I would love to BEEEHOLDING that runner.
Look what Julie made Suzanne…Redwork pillows…many hundreds of hours of stitching. My fingers cannot type the words to tell you how wonderful they were. I may have to put these on my things to make in 2010.
Leisa got this fabulous Lori Smith wall hanging from Darlynn…oooohlala…those tiny blocks are so skillfully done and quilted. SIMPLY WONDERFUL.
Sharon made these sheets and pillows and pillow cases for Margo. Paul and Margo just build a wonderful log home in Social Circle (thank goodness Sherman managed to miss burning that town to the ground) (end of Southern History lesson) Margo was thrilled with the sheets. I’m sure Paul will love them too! teehee

Sharon BA made this wooly candle matt and a hand quilted table runner (no photo) for Debbie she was thrilled. Lucky lady.

Wendy made this beautiful wool basket runner. I think I’m seeing a trend here…We are women who live in the deep south. We don’t wear wool...we put it everywhere else!!!!! neat-o huh?

Suzanne made Nemo (that’s a nickname) a wonderful tote bag with goodies stuffed in every pocket (no photo) and also gave her this WONDERFUL antique sewing box…she was a happy little crow!

I don’t know how to describe the next gift…or person. She is the most generous, kind, altruistic, fun loving, non stop talker, dog loving, dog rescuer, smart, wise, healer, cow obsessed and general all round sweetie pie. She got a cow candy thingy that poops out pez or candy while playing jingle bells…and she also got from Nemo a wool appliqued journal with all the “saying, phrases and general stuff written down in the journal that are direct quotes from her”…it was a B.S.- O – Meter book. given in love for sure! Look at Debbie sitting on the sofa next to her listening to every word…hahahaha I just cracked myself up again.

I didn’t get a photo of what I made for Julie. Remember my tree skirt? She has wanted one for the longest time…so that is what I made her…and I gave her a Pioneer Woman cookbook. Julie needs to practice her cooking. (oh lordy I’m really kidding now!!)

So we settled in to gorge ourselves with unbelievable food. We all sat at one table, held hands and thanked God for our many, many blessings. Which include the petit fors Leisa had specially made for us with little crows on them…..mine is gone…eaten with love!

I have been writing this blog for 75 hours and downloading for 300 hours. That’s all…I know you are happy I’M through talking. I’m sorry for going on for so long…I won’t do it again…. Until tomorrow when I tell you about the THIMBLES show and tell! Right now I need to go eat some more Christmas cookies. I’m trying to see just how much weight one can gain in one week.