Give thanks, Wait. Watch what happens. Get excited. Open your arms as wide as you can to receive all the miracles with your name on them. Godspeed.

-Sarah Ban Breathnatch

Missing in action I know but Christmas holidays have not yet ended here! I still have the youngest DD here and I’m cherishing every minute! She leaves to go back to college on Thursday! I will be sooo dang sad. I’m not kidding either. Think of me standing on the driveway waving and crying.

On the last night we ALL were together here is the conversation.

Mom (me): Ok gang what do ya’ll want to do?
Dad: Anything is fine with me.
Russ: Lets watch Netflix Grand Torino

Emily: Lets watch Australia
Mary Beth: Lets play Scategories
Emily: I’m too tired

Russ: I hear Grand Torino is really good.
Mary Beth: Either one is fine.
Dad: I don’t care anything is fine with me
Emily: I think we should watch Australia

and so on and so on and sooooo on. This conversation went on for 23 hours. I finally said “When it is time to pull the plug on MOM I hope you guys all give as much time to that decision as you are giving this evenings activities!” Then I put on the movie Grand Torino (they didn’t even know what we were going to watch until it started….Moms executive intervention) and we enjoyed a good movie. GOTTA LOVE THAT CLINT EASTWOOD!!!!!!

I did go to my small group to sew today we had a terrific lunch and great fellowship laughing all the way. I thought you might like to see some pictures of Suzanne’s house and quilt displays. Suzanne and i have known each other for 30 years. We lived in the same neighborhood for 28 years then moved to our new neighborhood. She lives right down the street from me. We have lived through all of life’s many ups and downs and raised our families. She is Mary Beth’s Godchild. Enjoy the photos!

Ok people this is the south and even tho we are freezing our pincushions off we still drink SWEET TEA…COLD with our morning cinnamon buns. Deal with it! The quilt is fabric that will be in Ann’s “RED AND CHEDDAR” future quilt…yum yum. It is going to be real purty.

See Suzanne’s cozy..Hey notice LAYERS OF QUILTS. Very nice. Also please notice that top quilt is MY Strawberry Pie pattern. yup it is!

Guest bedroom. Kinda makes you want to sing the Star Spangled Banner huh???

Suzanne’s daughters room. She grew up and moved away, dang it…now she is an Equine Vet. We are sooo proud. (about the vet part not the moving part)

Coming down the stairs. I have this house quilt too. It was a trade with “The Crows”. It makes me soooo happy. If I ever fall down stairs please let me splat into this quilt.

HUMMM lunch is almost ready. Food tastes so much better if it is on top of a quilt, or two or twenty.

Quilts and Chicken Dorito and Key Lime Pie. Yup I’m happy today.

And more quilts. Are you tired of looking yet?

How about some ladder quilts?

Ok there are more and I’m not kidding but the blogger police are going to arrest me for excessive photography of quilting or something. One more day with my girl. and then it really will be the end of the holidays for us. sniff sniff.