I don’t know much about being a millionaire, but I ‘ll bet I’d be darling at it.
-Dorothy Parker
We are all here sewing, laughing and making merry. I have had several techy problems first of all I brought my lap top and I have the wrong cord so I can’t use MY lap top. I’m blogging on Suzanne’s new notebook…Problem one…I will be stopping on my way home to buy a notebook if this isn’t the cutest dang thing. DarLynn has one and she is sitting on my left. Suz on my right.
Pat has one and she is traveling with DarLynn. Yup 1-800-GOTTA HAVE IT!
Second problem…I can’t download the pictures I have taken because port or something on my camera is damaged. @#$%^&*#$%^&*
We held our annual Pinchusion trade. We do it a la Chinese auction style. Stealing pincushions from your best buddies. I was hillarious and tragic at the same time. We have laughed until we cried PTF (pictures to follow). I won Anne’s pincushion which is a slice of watermellon made from a Miss Rosie pattern. I was thrilled because I love the person who made the pincushion and I love Carrie her designs.
We are all dressed in our best sewing attire. I apparently am walking around with a hole in my pants..in the rear. NOT GOOD. I walk like a penguin when we go upstairs to the dining hall which is full of men tonight. I’ve always been a fashionista!(no pictures to follow)
The quilts everyone is working on are unbelievable. This group is kicked up, oober talented, prolific, and amazing, PTF. When I do get back to civilization you will be in for a treat and I’m not just whistling DIXIE!!!! weBoldll I sort of am.
DarLynn and Pat got to eat at the Blue Willow Inn before they came to retreat. They are from Illinois so they got the best Southern cooked meal. No calories, I think they remove the calories from the fried chicken, mashed potatos, biscuits and gravy. Sweet tea too!
Ann is having a birthday and has made the red and cheddar quilt I spoke about last week. Debbie is working on one too. I’m looking at it now PTF.
Marty made a house quilt that blows my skirt up everytime I see it. PTF
Suzanne made a killer square quilt out of Coverlett fabics from Wyndom.Oh I just want to make that quilt sooooo bad PTF
oK blogger is giving me a bit of trouble getting this post to you. I’m gong to sign out now. Don’t worry about me..I’m fine…I’ll be sewing my brains out.
PTF…the magic cheeto secret!