I wish that life should not be cheap, but sacred, I wish the days to be as centuries, loaded, fragrant.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Silver Thimbles met and exploded again this weekend with laughter, food, quilts, projects and the ever abundant fellowship. Quilters coming through the doors ready for a party. We worked on the Hunters Star quilt made from French General fabbies, I have blogged about. The first photo is the version we did this weekend. The second photo is the version Kristie did. She used more fabrics and made the backgrounds lighter. I love them both! I have two children the love for these two quilts is kind like that.

I’m going to sew this afternoon. Making some PJ’s to use as a model for my Silver Thimble retreat in Ellijay. We are getting very excited about this new venture. I’m planning small projects for the group that are optional, this gives everyone a chance to be creative while accomplishing their own personal sewing goals. Tonight we are setting the menus! Food…the staff of life…important to quilters to keep up their stamina.

Here is a small sample of the quilty goodness we enjoyed this weekend.

Carla’s baby quilt. Well it is a gift..Carla is not prego..Thank goodness.

This is what Gretchen made while she was NOT working 20 zillion hours. She is one busy lady.

Here come the Scrappy Nines quilts. My pattern, Kim’s sewing expertise.We are a good team , yes we are!

Mary Agnes’ red version. She added her own little twist to the border. I LOVED IT…M.A. is my twizzler buddy, we are both a little twisted that way.

This is Sandi’s version of Scrappy Nines in Black and Tan…She is a fairly new quilter. I gave her the Rookie of the Year Award. She was shy to show it to the group. I think I managed to beat her out of that…..

Here is Karman’s airplane quilt. She did a fantastic job. She is a machine applique’ queen now. Oh and we forgave her for her shoes. She showed up in 4″ heals. They were NOT sewing appropriate. She has a real job were people wear those kinds of things. I think that is just WRONG.

This adorable quilt was made by my SIL for a coworker. I think the baby is a girl. If not the sweet little thing will just be confused.

Sue made this version of Strawberry Pie. She said she didn’t think I liked it. I must have made a face..she did not read correctly…. I LIKE IT MIKEY I REALLY LIKE IT! I will work on my face.

This is Mercidene’s quilt. It is absolutely wonderful. Those borders are machine appliqued. That Mercidene she is one happy, kind gentle soul! You can’t imagine how much she has accomplished the past few years!

This is Karin’s quilt. A Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. Karin has a reeely good color sense when she is not making non sense! She is a crack up. Makes me smile, when I go to the nursing home I hope she is my nurse! (She will probably be in there with me tho)

That is it for now I must get some work done. I have to be ready to watch 24 tonight…JACK IS BACK!!!!