Life itself is the proper binge.
-Julia Child

Gone, Gone, Gone….Mary Beth left on Thursday back to school on her way to becoming a nurse. There was a hole in my heart all day long. Sure I was busy but every few minutes the hole in my heart ached. See, I’m the stupid mom that still wishes my kids were in there rooms bouncing around the house giggling and laughing…but we raised two wonderful young women and it seems that while I was quilting…I sewed wings on them. What was I thinking?????

Thursday brought wonderful news for Emily and Russ. Emily’s company had a big job lay off but Emily survived. It was bitter sweet for her as she had to say goodbye to several friends. She is one of the lucky people in life…She loves her job….Kinda like her mom I adore my job. QUILTING!

Speaking of Quilting. Friday and Today are the opening days of the Silver Thimble Quilt Club in McDonough. As you all may know the metro Atlanta area is cover in a sheet of ice. Everything is shut down. McDonough is south of the city,they opened the shop as the roads were not as bad soooo off I went in my little CTS to teach down there (my car is named Pearl, she is so cute). I WAS TERRIFIED! I am a Southern girl and I don’t drive on ice! The roads were a bit dicey getting to the intersate hwy but ok (not perfect) and I made it. I had my bun warmers on and I white knucked the steering wheel the whole way. Once I got there I had a blast…oh but then there was the drive home. The roads were beginning to refreeze, there was an overturned 18 wheeler (thank goodness it covered the opposite side of the road or I would still be in traffic.) I felt sorry for the MILES of cars as I drove by them. (with my bun warmers on and music blasting) (bun warmers aka seat warmers). I have to go back for the Saturday class this morning….here I go again. I love quilters…I love to teach…I’ll deal with the rest. If you are on the Highways in the ATL this morning. I’ll be the one going 6.2 miles per hour with my butt cozy and warm listening to music…if I’m going to slow for you DEAL WITH IT PEOPLE and if you think you should make a mean gesture to me that is fine I’m secure with myself and my bun warmers!

This is the quilt the ladies will be working on today. The colors are lovely. I’m not so sure the photo does it justice. I’ll take some more photos today.

I’m leaving tomorrow to go on “Crow” retreat. I tons o fun ahead. DarLynn in coming in with her friend Pat from Illinois. I’m so looking forward to this retreat. I will take my computer and try to get some blogs off the ground for you. I think you will love seeing what every one is doing. We are retreating at a Camp ground so I don’t know if I will be able to blog but I’ll give it ME BEST SHOT.