Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.

This man, this wonderful man, this father, this husband, this best friend. Today is his birthday. We have spent a lifetime together and today his HIS special day! There are no words to describe the life we have and how he has managed to unselfishly care for every need, every desire, every good thing that has ever happened in our family is a direct result of HIM. He asks for NOTHING…never, never puts himself before the rest of us. I love him beyond belief and bless every day we have together. Happy Birthday Sir Quilt Dude! (the other day he asked if he worked really hard could he one day…maybe be promoted to Earle…hmmm
maybe I’ll make him KING!

Writing today…must have complete silence…and plenty of diet coke, coffe, hot tea, water, cheetos. Then it is out to dinner with Sir Quilt Dude…Provino’s our favorite Italian and they give a free dinner to the birthday person (we would go there anyway, but don’t tell them that!!!).

Have a Quilty Day,