Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart give yourself to it.

Yippe! It is almost time…I can’t wait….packing is underway….60 quilts…presentation…workshop materials…demo materials…Sir Quilt Dude and I leave early Friday morning for Panama City Beach. I know we can at least walk on the beach, I’m sure it is a bit chilly even if it is the panhandle of Florida.

I am doing a lecture, workshop and demonstration for the outstanding group from Quilting By the Bay. The ladies, led by Sandy(she is the best and the shop owner) and Sue (I love her she cracks me up) and the rest of the QBTB staff put on a fabulous retreat every year in January. This will be my second year and I’m honored that I have been invited for a return visit!!! We are staying right on the beach at Paradise Palms. Don’t feel sorry for us no sireee. The best part is that Sir Quilt Dude will be right along with me on the journey. This is what we enjoy doing together and we have worked hard to be able to do these types of trips. He is such a big help cuz I’m tellin you shelping all my quilty stuff around is a big dang job!!! I get to be a princess while he shelps..Then he gets to play golf and walks on the beach while I’m teaching my workshop and playing with the people I love to be with… QUILTERS.. I could just jump up and down right now! (but I would damage something for sure!)

We are packing the quilts tonight. I’m hoping to get everything packed and then tomorrow I can take care of home stuff and treat myself to a day of just getting me ready. Quilts are the priority but I would like a little time for myself. (probably won’t happen). Are you one of those people who has to clean the house before you leave on a trip? Well I am. go figure.

I’m hoping to get a chance to go over to the shop and empty Sir Quilt Dude’s wallet. They have a fantastic shop which was in the Quilt Sampler! I can get in some real trouble there no doubt!!!

I will take my camera and record the event for you. If you would like I can mail you a bucket of the wonderful snow white sand of the gulf coast, or maybe a shrimp….oooh la la I love seafood!!!

I just looked back at my post to you..almost every sentence ends with a !!!!! My English teachers are rollin over in their graves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do know better ya know! Gotta go find my bikini. Tah Tah for now dear friends.