Be grateful for the home you have, knowing that at this moment, all you have is all you need.
-Sarah Ban Breathnach

Grateful to be home and able to work on some new designs and projects. Wheww I need the quiet of my home today. All forms of media are in the off position. Just quiet…That is a good thing right now.

What a weekend we had at Thimbles. I got the sweetest gifties from two special ladies, flowers from Cindi and a Jim Shore “Quilter Bee” from Sarah, totally unexpected and so meaningful. I love these ladies and am so grateful to have them in my life!

The quilts were wonderful as usual. Show and Tell kicked some butt again! I had some lovely and very special moments with friends that were in Ellijay last weekend. They had a wonderful time and shared their adventures with the group.

Marie brought four quilts to show,she has been very busy! She is so cute, and her quilts are faboooo.

I love this quilt…Teresa’s excessive use of half square triangles…bad photo angle You have to be fast with the camera at Thimbles cuz the girls a whippin the quilts out faster that Lindsay Vonn can ski down a mountain.

This quilt makes me want to go live in the woods! With a pet wolf.

This quilt was from a class several years ago…I love it…my daughter took it to live with her. I hope she is taking care of it cuz if my grand dog is sleeping on it I’m not going to be happy.

Barb’s log cabin, photo does not do it justice..I love a tiny rail log cabin almost as much as my cheetos.

My Scrappy Nines pattern in black and tan by Sandra…ooooh baby baby, and check out that giant paisley backing. This quilt sure makes my skirt fly up.

Sarah’s blue and yellow stacky slashy..goody goody.

OK I’m drawing a blank here (who is behind the quilt) Ok we will name this on Where’z Waldo!

Look at this pretty picture of my tulips and think of how happy I am to be on my way to the sewing room I’m taking the flowers and sewing bee with me too… (with quiet..I think I’ll even turn my cell phone off so don’t call me ok).

Next post……The good, The bad and the very ugly edition of weekend Thimbles…stay tuned.