Gratitude helps you to grow and expand; gratitude brings joy and laughter into your life and into the lives of all those around you.
-Eileen Caddy

Enjoyed my day of sewing and quiet so much I think I’ll have another dose today. I finished a UFO which is a Christmas quilt I think I posted a couple of months ago. The quilt has been on my design wall and I need the wall so I diverted from designing to this particular UFO. I really want to get rid of some of these projects that have been laying around. The problem is….I need to be working on pattern development not UFO’s. That being said I have decided to spend one day per week on UFO’s and the rest on workie stuff. Today is workie stuff!


It all began with a harmless game of you guess it..Left, Right, Center!

The tradition isssss. If you win the blocks you must make a quilt with said blocks and bring it back to the next STITCH IN. Here begins our problem………..

Sarah (I chopped her off in the photo..hey the quilt was my focus okay?) brought her lovely quilt that she made from her winning blocks. She brought them BEFORE the Summer Stitch IN… so she is ahead of schedule! After I took this photo I went and hid under a table so as NOT TO BE NOTICED.

Then Sue (on right looking quite harmless but don’t let that sweet smile fool you) said…”Hey Pat you won the blocks last time are you going to bring your finished quilt to the Summer Stitch IN THIS YEAR??? (insert PSYCHO shower scene music here!) Actually it was two stitch in’s ago but I was hoping NO ONE WOULD REMEMBER!!! Holey UFO infraction. I’m in trouble NOW…thank you soooo much former friend SUE!

So here they are in all their glory…80 nine patch blocks, the little suckers staring at me…Screaming at me…Challenging me to be a good leader and honor the tradition of creating a quilt with the blasted things….Did I mention that I have a business, quilt market, Paducah? Did I tell you I’m slap run over with stuff to do?? Has Sue listening to me … OH NOOOOOO….. She had to get the whole room involved with my commitment to them to get this quilt made. Yes sir now I have all those quilters on my back about this quilt. I’m THRILLED!

Here is another photo of the blocks with a photo of DEAR SUE. This is also where I would have to recall the Crow Retreat in September and the polka dot quilt the Crows (former friends as well) who made me hang my head in shame. (remember this post?). Further proof that I need to be locked away for a very long time!

So dear friends if I have promised to make you a quilt…participate in a swap, trade, change or win a bunch of blocks GET IN LINE……..take a number….I’m working on it is the phrase of the day,week, month,year. Sandy S. if you are reading this blog I’m aware of the Alphabet Quilt..don’t call me.