Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received. Thankfulness is the natural impluse to express that feeling. Thanksgiving is the following of that impulse.
-Henry Van Dyke
Gratitude….Thankfulness….Thanksgiving….OH MY IT IS ALL THERE FOR ME RIGHT NOW. The above quote expresses so well my feelings right now.The picture was taken around dusk of the view from my hotel room…beautiful snow white sands of the Gulf that is a BEACH! the Quilting By the Bay people, Sandy, Sue, Wendy and the entire staff for inviting me to be a guest lecturer, and workshop teacher. It was my complete honor and pleasure to spend the last two years at their retreat in Panama City Florida. When I am asked to come and do my talks and workshops it is great fun. When I am asked to come for a return visit well then…. I am quite simply honored!

THANKFULNESS… the attendees of the retreat. Your many, many, many comments and well wishes will be kept in that special corner of my heart where joy resides…you filled me up … Thank you till we hopefully meet again.

THANKSGIVING…. It has become my tradition to sing, dance and generally act like a complete fool (not much of stretch for me) when the joy we feel over our quilts and little accomplishments bubble to the forefront of my classes and lectures. It is just a another form of Thanksgiving. To all that came to the lecture thank you for all your wonderful comments. To my workshop attendees. Thanks for a wonderful day!!!!

I really have not stopped running since I got home. We got home at 6:30 Sunday night. Brought all the quilts (60 or so) in bags…and I reassured Sophie that we would not leave her anytime too soon. Then fell in the bed, I think the fatigue finally hit me around 9 pm. Up and out the door yesterday because I had PROMISED my friend that I would take her on a needlework tour of Atlanta. She is a civilian (non quilter…go figure!) and she wanted to visit some of my favorite places for cross stitch and quilting, and people a promise is a promise. So off we went. Got home at 6 pm (dang dang double dang the traffic). Then off again to my book club. Had a completely wonderful time with my book peeps (wine was involved !) Liked our current book Have A Little Faith by Mitch Albom. Got home at 10:30 (missed 24 but I love my DVR!!!!) Off again this morning for my Tuesday sewing group.

I suppose I will unpack those quilts sooner or later. I have another Guild lecture next week so I have to unpack um and repack um………..

This afternoon I begin the process of OFFICIALLY PACKING AND GETTING READY FOR ELLIJAY….whoop whoop whoop. Baby we are going to rock the house February 11-14. I can not wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will post some more pictures of Quilting By the Bay activities….Wait till I tell you about “popping my girdle” it will go down as one of my favorite teaching moments.

Did that dang Groundhog see his shadow??? I’m ready for Spring PEOPLE!!!