I base my fashion taste on what doesn’t itch.
-Gilda Radner

Ok here is the long and short of it. There is so dang much going on here at Silver Thimble headquarters I can’t even describe it. Suzanne called last night, Sir Quilt Dude answered the phone and she asked him if I had…had a break down yet? His answer was…“Not yet but we are close!!!” hahaha. I thought I was holding it together pretty well. I got some STUFF going on.! I think he was referencing the comment I made when he asked if I was going to get ready for the Super Bowl party next door. #$%^&*(IO)P{_ do you people really…really think I’m in the mood or have time for a dang FOOTBALL GAME….I made a culinary contribution to the game and sent him packing next door…turned OFF the TV and went to my sewing room. Peace at last….Peace at last….I was working on some secret stuff for the participants in my retreat this weekend. (can’t show you a picture cuz those chicks are probably reading this BLOG…nosey nosey!hahaha)

The reality of this post is that I am so excited I could jump up and down. I had the BEST TIME at the Silver Thimble Club at A Scarlet Thread this weekend. Holey Moley those ladies are a blast I love them more than my self cleaning oven. Karen Taylor and I laughed until we lost oxygen to our brains on Saturday. A good time was had by all. There is nothin better than belly laughin!!!! The photo below is Jennifer with her almost completed Strawberry Pie quilt.

So the fun continues because I’m packing the house to go to Ellijay for the Silver Thimble Quilt Retreat “Come Away With ME!!!” in the mountains. The food is going to be fantastic and the ladies will be pampered and spoiled by yours truly! I CANNOT WAIT. well…I have a bit of packing to do. (that is an understatement TO SAY THE LEAST.) Sir Quilt Dude cannot even get his car in the garage because I have started dumping stuff out there so I don’t forget what I’m taking. (oh I’m in serious trouble now kids!).

On top of leaving at 7 am on Wednesday.. I am speaking at a guild on Tuesday night (100miles away) which is another event I’m looking forward to. So I figure I must be packed and ready to go to both events by 2 pm tomorrow. What do you think??? The photo below is me yappin. Ok what this photo says to me is that I need a face lift…hair color and basically an overhaul. Perhaps a gym membership would help.

OK Sophie just barked at me aparently I am 14 minutes late for her dinner time. Please tell me how dogs know they should be fed at a certain exact time of the day. And while you are at it tell me why I’m ending this blog post to accomodate the dogs barking at me? Who is in charge here??? She should be grateful I saved her from the enternal dirt nap two weeks ago didn’t I???