Silver Comet Stitchers and Gwinnett Guild Mtg.

If you put a small value on yourself, rest assured that the world will not raise your price.

Yes, dad blast it….It has been one of those weeks. Out of the house and busy(I hate the word busy) everyday was totally fun in itself but busy nun the less. I’m fixing roasted cardboard for dinner because that is the best I can do with what is in my kitchen pantry and fridge. I need to go grocery shopping and buy one of everything. Guess what I’m going to do instead? Sew. Why? Because I have some deadlines looming that cannot be put aside. So it is Roasted Cardboard night.

I spoke at the Silver Comet Stitches Guild Monday night. Great group of quilters! They are a small and very happy group. I am a member of a large guild so it is fun to visit a group like this. I enjoyed my evening so much and feel like I made some new BFF’s. On Tuesday, my guild met and boy what eye candy they produced..(as usual) so I will stop yappin and let you enjoy the show!

There is not a dead body under there…60 quilts for the guild lecture. EYE CANDY FOR SURE!

You could prick your finger on those points! Nicely done don’t cha think?

These children made me happy. So I took a picture! But then all children make me happy. I want to have more children. Sadly…that ship has sailed.

I let out a little squeal when this one came out. STRAWBERRY PIE it was totally unexpected.

I love diagonal set quilts.

Ok I know I have shown this quilt…I know I have shown photos of Debbie (she just left my house and approved this photo..but then I would have posted it without owner approval anyway. This is a special quilt for a special secret person, I’m so honored that she chose my Scrappy Nines Pattern! sniff sniff.

Dramatic, dimensional…depth…dang good I say

Ok so blurry but the little quilt was flying around so fast I’m lucky to have snapped a photo. It was a really good small quilt. Lots o Workie.

I believe they said this quilt was going to be for the Quilts of Valor program. Fabulous!

Or maybe it was this one. I was concentrating on focusing the camera.

Susan’s door decoration for her mom who is in assisted living..She is a good daughter!.

Elly completed her Christmas Quilt. Hand appliqued, hand quilted. I wet my pants!

Ok off to sew, the todoooo list looms large. The cardboard is defrosting nicely in the kitchen.