Only the heart knows how to find what is precious.
-Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Here are a few photos of the fun in Panama City Fla. this weekend.

Debby Maddy did a workshop on her Carpenters Star pattern and technique. I really enjoyed getting to know Debby! She is a lovely lady and I’m hoping to see her again real soon. She gave a lecture on Sunday morning before everyone left and showed a TON of beautiful Carpenters Star quilts! A fun quilt that goes together very fast. It also has a lot of area to do some cool quilting!

This is Peggy Barkle’s class showing their Circle Bargello quilts. I loved walking into the classrooom where they were working it was like being swallowed up by a rainbow!!! Nicely done ladies.

Here are some of the ladies working in my classroom. They were very busy. I taught my Silver Thimble Extravaganza workshop. There were FIVE different patterns under construction. I love to teach this workshop because the learning and demos never stop! Fun fun fun.

And here is Donna…see those crutches? She had a “fall” on Friday night and broke a dang bone in her foot!!!! She got back from the hospital and went straight to work. NO STOPPING A QUILTER ON A MISSION, I’m tellin you! HATS off to YOU Donna.

Well doesn’t this photo say it all. Linda and Ann having fun. Ann has MASTERED her 1/4′ seam. We danced and celebrated the event! (of course…!)

OKay so I was talking and showing a ton of people how to “splay” a seam “pop” a seam…you know like this (see above) on the backside of a block. One of the workshop ladies (better not mention her name she might punch me). Asked me to show her how to… “POP HER GIRDLE!!!”. I laughed so hard I lost oxygen to my brain! POP YOUR GIRDLE…...who the h$%^&* wears a girdle anymore anyway? Then of course they were all “splaying, splaying…splaying” everywhere. The abuse we handed out over this technique went on all day. I had tons of other retreat attendees bringing me their 4 patches and pinwheels for two days to show them how to “splay/pop” a seam. I was even showing people at dinner time. WE SPLAYED ALL OVER THE DANG BEACH…

One week from TODAY I leave for Ellijay to begin hosting my retreat in the mountains…I have 47 weeks of work to do to get ready…BREATHE PAT…BREATHE, BREATHE ,BREATHE…It will always get done, right?…I am woman I am strong, right?…I may need wine and lots of cheetos to get ready, right?. What do you think?

PAT (who is in her Fred Flinstone car again running as fast as my feet will carry me!)