There is no duty we so much underrate as the duty of being happy. By being happy we sow anonymous benefits upon the world.
-Robert Louis Stevenson

Happy is one thing my problem is combining happy with BUSY. For me, BUSY is the new four letter word that is spoken wayyyy to often. But dang I sure am [email protected]#$%^&YY. It seems I run from one thing to the next with always more than any normal human being can do in a 24hour day. I’m basically an on task person, fairly organized and a list maker, goal setter. Holey Moley I am now in a position that I’m killing myself keeping up with my daily, weekly, monthly..and yes yearly goals and lists. I have decided that the solution is to check myself into either a convent or a padded cell. Perhaps I should rob a bank the law will take care of any choices I might have and make the decisions for me…what do you think??

Here are some more photos of our glorious retreat last weekend. I have gotten so many emails, phone calls and thank you notes about the weekend. It has meant so much to me to hear from so many of the attendees. This was my first time to host such an event so I have spent sometime reflecting on things that I can change and make even better for the next retreat! OK I admit I made a list…see what I meeeeen?

My friend Julie that was helping me with the food…no I take that back SHE HANDLED THE FOOD cuz I was slightly busy…anyway…I made a crack to her about finding the dang can opener every time I turned around and THOUGHT I had put it away (i like a tidy kitchen..see first paragraph above). Julie invaded the sacred Cheeto bag with the can opener… Well, thus began the can opener wars. We were sticking this thing everywhere and hiding it from each other. The best was that on the last night the darn thing was UNDER my pillow. I found it at 3:30 am…me thinks the war is NOT over.

This is the Koi pond outside the sewing room. Those fish were UNDER the ice…ALIVE…I want to talk to them in the spring to find out if they would like to consider a move to Aruba or something. We decided if we got snowed in and ran out of food (it would have taken quite sometime for that) we would serve Mountain Koi for dinner….

Suzanne showing everyone how to make a darling needle roll/project roll/VERY CUTE!

Here is Carol serging PJ’s for everyone. If you stood still SHE WOULD SERGE YOU…I don’t speak serger..din’t know a thing about sergers, never wanted to own a serger. Watched Carol serging. I’m picking up my new serger this weekend. Now…I don’t speak embroidery machines, don’t want to know about them….don’t need one….nuff said if you own one stay away from me please.

This is Mercedine in her “Quilt Diva” PJ’s you should have seen that booty shakin and dancing. It was fabulous. I love her more than I love my self cleaning oven!!!

Another quiet, sedate, boring game of Left Right Center. Gotta go now I’m being fitted for hearing aids today.

Later my friends,