To love what you do and fell that it matters -how could anything be more fun?
-Katherine Graham

I have spent the whole day today resting and basically NOT accomplishing much. I have reflected on the first “go away” retreat I have ever hosted and thought about the fun, and all the other aspects of hosting such a big event. It was wonderful even with snow and cold weather and other stuff….We had a wonderful time. I did decide that on the next retreat I will put Depends in the goodie bags because there was excessive laughter in the HOUSE!!! Here are a few pictures with more to come in the next few days.

We are southerners…we run outside and take pictures of the snow like dang fools.

Wanna go for a swim?

This is the view from the sewing room window.

We made PJ pants…look at LUCY AND ETHEL!!! (aka Carla and Sue)

And Carol’s Valentine managed to get flowers delivered to her in the mountains during a snow storm. Happy Valentines!!!! (ps…there are 32 other hubby’s in deep deep trouble)
Roz came all the way from MinnesOWta to make this quilt.! I love her.

Precious Sue skinny and cute in her PJ’s from batiks!

I made them stop sewing and come outside in the snow to have a family photo…you should have heard the whining…

This is the MODA man..see his fabric. He has magic powers that cause us all to spend excessive $$$$ on fabric. He was found playing by the Koi pond. Oh BTW…those fish were freezing thier fins off!!!

Some little smart #$%^&*( put a can opener in my Cheeto bag….

Elly made a great eye spy quilt…she was peeking over the top…she is tiny..

Teresa and her coverlet reproduction quilt..I want it.

Here is part of the room before many people got there. They had goodie bags and a heart shaped pin cushion I made for them at their seats.

We played Left Right Center…guess where I sat to play the game????

I have lots more photos to share this week with storiesto tell. As for today. I’m going to be horitontal watching the Olympics.