What is it that you expression your eyes? It seems to me more than all the words I have ever read.
-Walt Whitman

Errands to run and sewing to be done, I wanted to send you some eye candy today. I still have un-posted photos of my Ellijay retreat and Thimbles weekend. ENJOY and hopefully find inspiration. To be inspired and to create isn’t that the best thing EVER!!!

We all brought quilts to put on our beds…Here are a few of them and some other projects, we sang “Celebrate” for the quilts and whooped and hollered too. I certainly hope you will whoop and holler along with us. It’s a guaranteed endorphine release!

Maddy’s first quilt…you should see my first quilt. Dang it doesn’t look that good.

Holey Delectable Mountains in the borders by the absolutely fabulous Sandra.

Cutie Pie Sue had this one on her bed. So restful don’t cha think?? Love those borders.

Here is Kim’s Mandella quilt. AKA Drunkard’s Path quilt. SUPER DOOPER and CURVY.

Karin finished her Hunters Star quilt.

She was so happy she passed out.

Kim again (busy bee) with her White Chocolate quilt..You dooo me proud girl.

OK this is Debbie’s Honeyberries quilt. If you haven’t made this quilt yet. YOU SHOULD..from the book “40 Fabulous Quick Cut Quilts” by Evelyn Sloppy. I have made it in blue for my SIL and Back and Tan. I have seen it made in reds and purples and civil war fabbies…I’m tellin you this quilt makes my skirt fly up! It may be my favorite quilt. Make one people it will do your heart gooood.

Sue is almost finished with her Road to Romance quilt…she is making the borders now. It is terrific. A lot of people were trying to get her to give up that green batik fabric..

Dianne gets the award for the cutest PJ’s..she even has a yo yo pin and earrings to match. I could just pinch her she is so sweet.

And look at Mary Agnes a two time Left Right Center winner….she is out buying lottery tickets now. Wearing the princess tiara.

Precious Maddy wearing my tiara so well. I think I gave myself a hernia laughing at her…what a chick.

Susan’s bed quilt. Now that will wake you up.

Later my friends..there is sewing to be done.