Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.

-Will Rogers

Home from the Red Top Mountain retreat…ZOWWWEEEEE what a fun time was had by all and what a great group of quilters! I had a ball and hated to leave. The teaching was a total blast for me and the eye candy the group producing was amazing. Here are some fun photos for you to enjoy!

This is the ginormous facility everyone was sewing in! Holey Moley ya need skates to get from one end of the room to another. I walked my legs off but it didn’t count cuz there was candy everywhere!

The theme was “Going Green” so everyone made name tags with fabric and other goodies that were recycled or reused. They were all really creative. I liked Lisa’s and tried to steal it but…then I would have to change my name..or have a baby or something like that that is never going to happen…so I returned it.

I taught my “Wrapped in Comfort” body pillow. Mine is done with neutrals…this one is NOT. And dang isn’t it going to be terrific???

I also taught my “How Does YOUR Garden Grow?” pattern and machine applique’. Here is a sample of one of the ladies getting ready to sew her stack and slash sections together.

The guild is doing these little applique’ monthly banners as their project this year. Aren’t they adorable??? Oh BTW Lots of the retreat participants put up flannel table cloths using Command Hookie thingies so they had their own personal design walls by their work space. Smart and very decorative.

This is a quilt that was designed by guild member Dave. He is a great guy and a terrific quilter. I hope Dave is reading this blog because I think I forgot to tell him how much I liked this design. Way to go DAVE -OOOO…

And this is a block of the month from the past that Dave also designed. I love the way they often choose BOM’s designed by members of the guild and then everybody chooses their own fabbies and puts their own spin on the BOM. LOVE IT LOVE IT.

Last year’s BOM designed by member Tina…picture does not do the quilt justice…Wowzzer! I peed in my pants when I saw this baby!

And here we have Tina’s work station. She is into the plastic tub system I’m not kidding you. She is adorable and soooo creative! She has a new IPHONE…very connected…Wavying to you Tina! Tell Dave I said HI tooo.

And here is a Boston Commons wall hanging.. It is beyond gorgeous. Beautifully made…and is getting ready to be machine quilted. That is where I would certain screw up a good quilt. I have machine quilting envy.

There were sooo many other quilts but I didn’t get them all photographed. I was busy teaching and working with my new friends of the Allatoona Guild. Thank you so much for two terrific days!!!! Ya’ll check out Melinda’s Blog. She is Presidente’ of the Guilde’ and a blogger (thank goodness) She is getting all the good photos of the goings on up there at Red Top Mountain!

Later dear friends,