The Great Applique’ Adventure

If you laugh a lot, when you get older your wrinkles will be in the right places!

Teaching all day Saturday and taking a class at Little Quilts with Wanda Hizer on Sunday. I set this class up with Wanda for a group of Silver Thimble Club members who were interested in hand applique’ and learning different techniques. Wanda is a fantastic teacher and her skills with a needle will make your skirt fly up. She talked and we practiced with several different ways to approach hand applique’.

If have taken other applique classes over the years and this…for me….was a great class. I learned a lot, had a ton of fun with the peeps, and remembered that I promised myself to do more hand sewing for myself! I don’t do enough “for me” work which happens when the mind stays in overdrive working on new Silver Thimble designs and classes and such. I am so relaxed when I have a needle in my hand. It is even better when I’m sitting next to Quilt Dude and watching him change channels with the remote.

Here are some of the blocks Wanda put up on the design wall. You can see how lovely they are but if you could get your face nose to block you would pass out from the amazing workmanship! I told Wanda to keep practicing…she would get better. She almost made me go sit in the parking lot.

Look at the eyeball on the eagle. The dang thing is MAYBE…1/8th inch….NEEDLE TURNED. My technique for making this eyeball would be to get a sharpie and stab it in the eyeball position. Or maybe a seed bead….Now you know why I will only have mde a Baltimore Album potholder,but I have all the books and supplies to make the quilt. ( just in case )

Beautiful fruit. Perfect tiny grapes. She said that there are about 60 hours of work in each block. I don’t think she has an attention problem. Focused is the word!

Cut away applique’ fun!

Wanda’s “Le Fleur de Jardin” quilt. I’m going to the nursery this week to buy flowers. Just so ya know!

Here is my table mate and buddy Debbie. She just rolls her eyeballs at me every time I get the camera pointed at her. She knows…GOIN ON THE BLOG!

This is Brenda and Becky working. We all had our heads down and were sewing away. I don’t think I even looked at anyone. Check out their blogs and Karmen’s too..(no photo), perhaps they will be blogging about the Great Applique’ Adventure!

As for right now, off to sew (with a sewing machine!).