It’s all right to have Butterflies in your stomach. Just get them to fly in formation.
-Dr. Rob Gilbert

Amid snowfall my small group gathered for a day of sewing at my house yesterday. The snow was so pretty…AGAIN. Julie’s mom got to come with her because her flight back to Kentucky was canceled so that was a BONUS to get to spend some time with her wonderful Mom.

I made these lovely cinnamon rolls and coffee for the girls when they arrived. They were snarfing them up and commented on how good they were. I gave them my best Martha Stewart/Pioneer Woman smile.

Then this was discovered…BUSTED!!!! Pillsbury Grands…ooops. Moral to the story be authentic.

I’m leaving in one hour to go teach for two days at the Red Top Mountain Quilt Retreat. I’m so excited to spend a couple of days with these lovely friends from the Alatoona Guild. The car is packed and I’m off. I packed my camera so I will bring some fun photos home on Friday.

Go sew something for me today!

Later my friends,