Once you make a decision , the universe conspires to make it happen.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Some of the wonderful projects during show and tell at Thimbles gatherings this weekend. And some new projects yet to be brought to life. The quilts make me smile and sweat all at the same time and the fellowship of this group brings me to my knees. The way quilting brings people together never ceases to amaze me. Cyberspace,blogs, guilds, classes, retreats it doesn’t matter it is all about the fellowship and closeness to each other. The actual quilts and projects are just the cherry on top!!!! I am one lucky lady to be working in this form of art and creative expression. Enjoy the eye candy and happy sewing today!

This is a project we will be doing next month. If you want this kit…call Patchwork Cottage in Lawrenceville Georgia they will fix you right up. I’ll be taking my quilt on a picnic! Makes my skirt fly up.

Suzanne’s baskets goodie goodie! LUV ME SOME BASKET QUILTS!

Carol and her pseudo purse. It is actually lined with that Insul Bright stuff so you can put your iron in while leaving classes on your way to get an ice cream. Another use would be to konk a mugger over the head with it in the parking lot…smart girl that Carol!

Teddy bear pinkush! Linda made this. Do not stick pins in the brains of an innocent bear. Love this and check out the key…to my heart!

Another purse…eat your heart out Vera Bradley!

Strawberry Pie..

Strawberry Pie in blue..which would make it Blueberry Pie..but then I have another pattern called Blueberry Pie. Remind me NEVER AGAIN to name a quilt after a color or food.

Vickie’s killer blue and green quilt. It is big enough for Omar the Tent Maker and so spectacular. When she first started it I could not wait to see how this one turned out. ooohh baby baby baby!

If you come to my house and IF…big IF you find me sitting down you will find me under this quilt. Autumn Ridge. Yup..are you smiling at this quilt?

Yes! and the border has some fabric that has hints and touches of red which is unexpected and it really works. When I said that I loved blue and red they all jumped on me as if I did not see that it was blue and yellow. Well duh…sometimes my brain and mouth just are not in sync.

The Karinanator’s Glace’ quilt. Jelly Roll diamonds. Christmas…Thank you Santa! But it is not sooo Christmasy. This quilt has some challenges as Karin and I discussed but oooh so worth the effort.

Next post a couple of very special quilts from a brand new quilter. And some antique quilt tops.