The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.
-Arthur C. Clarke

Busy weekend of teaching at Sweet Home on Saturday. The place was hoppin with many of the members of the Silver Thimble Gang! The moda man was ever present with Karin dropping in to fill up her tank with some new fabrics. Lots of the girls were excited to be going to Tiny Stitches to hear Bonnie Hunter’s lecture and see the new quilts from her new book.

I snapped a couple of photos of my Building Blocks part deux class…They are making a sampler quilt from the Underground Railroad book by Eleanor Burns. They have a ton of precutting to do for next weeks class so not too much sewing going on here. I also had a class in the morning which was a beginner class (Building Blocks Part One). They were so cute. I just love those baby beginner quilters with their brand new mats and rotary cutters!!! and ohhhh finding those 1/4″ seams for the first time what fun. Don’t cha remember how much fun it was to make your first quilt??? They were so precious I could just hug them and pinch their little cheeks. It’s the former first grade/Kindergarten teacher in me, reminiscent of the first day of school.
Look at that great organization and use of neon post its. Yup she is going to be in the quilters hall of fame someday!

On Sunday I had a mystery visitor in my sewing room. We were busy bees allllll day. Making the cutest projects. Wonder what it is??? Inquiring minds want to know huh! Too bad there are nosey people who will blab it around town and we want it to be a surprise.

Along with the sewing and excessive laughing there was popcorn involved with this project. It was good but I love REAL POPCORN…you know cooked in the popper with Peanut Oil..big difference HUGE! That mystery quilter…She sure is messy. teehee

6:30 am I’m off to the sewing room for a few hours of sewing and drinking coffee.

Later dear friends.

PS. March 1….what happened to January and February? OH MY