As much of heaven is visible as we have eyes to see.
-William Winter

My version of heaven is going to walk through the front door today. They are coming home. When they walk through the front door and dump their stuff everywhere and ask “What’s for dinner Mom” and “Lets lets just hang out okay?” “Wanna watch a movie..” “Lets sit on the porch” etc etc. my world will explode with joy because they will be here and we will be together. Mary Beth in her senior year of college and Emily home with my precious Son In Law…….I need NOTHING more! So this is a no SEW weekend and when it is over I will NEED to sew because I will be a little sad. Once again, the healing power of quilting. Isn’t it amazing!

My precious girlsGod is so goood!

These two are so happy and so in love!

Have a blessed Easter everyone. I hope you find golden eggs in your baskets!