Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass its about dancing into the rain!

Yesterday I went to the sewing room at 9 am and came downstairs at 6 pm. I never stopped sewing. It is time to complete my quilts for our annual Just for You event at guild. Quilts made for the children at Childrens Health Care of Atlanta/Scottish Rite Hospital. I finished four quilt tops several months ago and put off the quilting part...remember this post? Once again I sat in front of my machine and started to quilt. (I really needed a glass of wine or prozac or sumthin) Please let the quilt gods be with me this year! Ok so I know my limitations and I kept those feed dogs full engaged. No droppin the dogs in this house. I’ll quilt with my credit card before I will do that!

It took all blasted day but I managed to get all four quilts finished. I’m tellin ya I needed a massage after this. Shoulders tense, fingers worn out, arms tired. OK I’ll stop whining now. The job was done the bias binding made and sewn onto two of the four quilts. Ready for some peaceful sewing at night while watching TV (well, listening to TV) with Sir Quilt Dude, I’m good at that. While I managed not to make a new quilt for the dog which will be thrown in the backyard…I still need tons more practice, or better yet one of those new machines with a throat you can drive a bus through. As for now I’m done with my machine quilting project for the year. I’m back to calling a long armer and passing the cash.

I’ll practice the machine quilting NEXT YEAR. Stay tuned.