Paducah Day 1

Walk through the different rooms where you eat, sleep, and live. Bless the walls, the roof, the windows and the foundation. Give thanks for your home exactly as it exists today; sift and sort simplify, and bring order to the home you have. Realize that the home of your dream dwells within.

Glad to be home, smiling thinking of Paducah and the Paducah Princesses! I will try to give you a mini day by day accounting of our trip.

Day 1. Load the bus and off at 8 am. Johnny is in control of the Coach and the whole bus was buzzing with excitement. Two hours later…eating. We had to keep up our strength so we stopped at Cracker Barrel loaded up on Pancakes and such. I managed to get the spending started and did some Cracker Barrel shopping..theme for the trip “oh Lord we apologize!” I was the first one to whip out the credit card! Bought myself the cutest little birdie business card holder! teehee. Back on the bus and off to….

Two hours later we emerged with guess who as the big spender? I felt is was my duty as one of the leaders of the trip to set the standard for the rest of the group… an example so to speak. Yup I think I won the prize here. Johnny was laughing his head off as I was walking toward him with my giant bags. I tossed them to him and told him to hide um under the bus…I’ll put um in my suitcase later. Honestly Hancocks is a shrine to all fabricdom, a place where fabricoholics converge and loose their sense of financial security. It is nuts people…. I’m just sayin.

Dinner at Rafferty’s also known as…Let’s just see if feeding 50 women at one time can be done. It was good…I figure we needed to eat at least every 45 minutes or so that way nobody would get grumpy…After a lovely meal we boarded the bus and went to hotel and nightie night. It is exhausting riding in a luxury COACH, watching a movie, spending money on fabric and eating. How many more days can we keep up this pace?????? TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY.
Scarlett (trust me Rhett is not in Paducah)