Paducah Day 2

We shape our dwellings, and afterwards our dwellings shape us.
-Winston Churchill

It is time for a bit of Spring cleaning..then a lot of sewing and design work. I have some huge projects in the pipeline that are exciting and sadly and again must be a secret. #$%^&*()$%^&.

I interrupt this blog with a big shout out to my sweet Son In Love…Happy Birthday Russ…YOU ARE SOOO LOVED. My daughter is a lucky lady!

DAY 2 in Paducah

Up and out early…grab that breakfast and hop on the bus at 8 am..(hold on I’m drinking coffee right now(sip sip) at 8:25 and I have NO INTENTION of zooming out of this house today!) Johnny took us to the AQS show dropped us off door to door service and picked us up at 6 pm. We shopped and ate and shopped and looked at fabulous quilts. Wonderful quilts, workmanship OH MY…Makes you feel like it is time to up your skills! Suzanne says she is a quilter who sews strips and squares together with an occasional triangle…well let me tell you there was none of that in the show! I’m so sorry I can’t post photos as it is against the rulzzh! I don’t want to offend any of the quilt police. I tend to stay in trouble any way..I don’t need to push my luck.

I was misbehaving a bit and look some photos of people. I love this photo..proof positive that women will drag their man ANYWHERE…and men can sleep ANYWHERE!
HAHA this guy was sound asleep and there were 70 bazillion people walking by him. I could not resist a photo, after all you wanted me to give an accurate depiction of the show right???

And how about these folks..Don’t they look so happy…just like they are at a party right? Or maybe they are waiting for the bus to take them to prison. Ok I’ll stop now cuz I’m gonna get my Silver Thimble butt in trouble.

Oh one more. I accidentally took a photo of someones butt. Proof positive my photography skills are improving.

After the show staggered to the bus with our huge purchases. Then it was off to Tom’s Grille for a great dinner. Got back on the bus and I told everyone we were done for they day and they could unhook their bras…but not to do it at the same time cuz the bus would tip over. Johnny almost wreaked the bus with that comment blasting on the the microphone! I think I may be sent to the back of the bus next year.