Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live in every experience, painful or joyous…
-Dorothy Thompson

Joyous, Fun to the Extreme, Inspiring, Heartwarming, Laughter Filled days and nights, Exhausting, Credit Card Spending Overload, New Friendships, Bonding, Sewing on the Bus, Knitting on the Bus, Planning projects on the Bus, Swapping Ideas, Games, Prizes and OHHH those Paducah Pouches…

I can’t even describe in human words the fun we had on our Sweet Thimbles Bus Tour of Paducah. Melisa and I planned for months in the sincere hope that we would host a successful bus trip. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. My mother used to tell me that when you have a party..if the hostess has a good time…the party will be a success. MELISA AND I HAD A DAD GUM BLAST! I was actually sad to see it all come to an end. Needless to say there will be another trip next year! BOOK IT DANNO! I will post for the next few days about the events of our trip. I hope you enjoy hearing and seeing a bit of the wonderful Paducah experience!

Remember these? Well we thought they were pretty cute but we never anticipated the response everyone would get as they walked around the show and other events. People stopped all of us..took pictures…and oh the comments. Melisa and I were eating lunch at the show and a lady looked at our Paducah Pouches and asked about them. We told her that we made 49 of them for the ladies on the bus, along with goody bags and stuff. She held up her name tag which was paper on a string and said that this is what she got on her bus….ooops….so sorry baby! It was actually pretty funny. I have written a pattern and directions for the Pouch and it will be on my web site within a couple of weeks. I will let you know when.

First I would like for you to meet Johnny. He was our bus driver. He hauled us around, toted our bags, filled our giant cooler under the bus (it was the size of a mini coffin!), listened to me yappin on the microphone, he overheard much too much information and jokes about bras being too tight and our feet swelling up like sausages…OH MY! I would look at him when we were joking around and his shoulders would be bouncing up and down with laughter. Here is the the thing. I AIN’T GOING TO PADUCAH AGAIN….WITHOUT MY JOHNNY! We fell in love with him and he is booked for next year! And let me tell you…that bus was beautiful…excuse me it was not a bus, it was a “COACH”. MAN O MAN and talk about door to door service.

So here we are, the Paducah Princesses about to depart..everyone snug in their places…Next post..Day 1 the trip up and HANCOCKS OF PADUCAH. aka the beginning of the destruction of my 401 K.