Tote Bag for My Girl

Just trust yourself, then you will know how to live.
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

GONE, the eggs are gone, the Easter grass is gone, the chocolate is gone, the sitting on the porch and laughing is gone, the kids are gone….it was a short and wonderful weekend..which is now gone. Ok so what is one to do??? why I think I will sew..and sew…and sew. I’m okay don’t worry bout me.

Oldest daughter is a pharmaceutical rep, she asked me to make my Stringin Along pattern so she could have a very large tote to carry her samples in and out of doctors offices. She gave me specific guidelines which went something like this…

“Mom, can you make me that Stringin Along” bag?”
“Sure honey”
“Okay now mom,…. don’t make it too Happy”
“Okay I’ll make it sad”
“No Mom, like… make it good”
“As opposed to bad, is my stuff bad?”
“ok mom make it sophisticated.All black”
“Oh so you want depressing”
“No professional”
“I get it”
“and don’t use fabrics that jump”
“yeah jumping is not good”
“and make good inside pockets”
“Big pocket on one side maybe divided in two sections”
“no problem that is how I wrote the pattern”
“cell phone pocket at the top so I don’t have to dig for my phone”
“also a section for my business card holder”
“Got it, a custom made bag for Pharma reps”
“Also I need a good floor on the bottom of the bag cuz my samples are kinda heavy”
“heavy drugs…scary”
“can you make it by Easter?”
“Sure I’m not busy @#$%^&#$%^&$%^&
“Now remember I don’t want it to make a statement… okay?”
“Okay, but I’m going to put lime green lining in the dang thing..okay”
“And how does a bag that is as big as the house (great for carrying quilting projects, matts, rulers, to classes and retreats) not make a statement?”

Here is the bag. Done…Second photo is Russ husband to said daughter (he loves it when I ask him to model and then grab the camera!) The only problem is…. now younger daughter wants one…she wants hers in black white and HOT PINK..Now we are talking!